Living with a disease that never sleeps really keeps you on your toes; you can never be too prepared. Having extra snacks or glucose tablets on hand is a pretty smart idea, but what about everything else? There are some things that are just a nuisance and some things that wouldn’t make sense. And what about a backup for your backup? Packing your purse so that you’re T1D prepared can mean the difference of taking control of a situation calmly or totally panicking. Here is what’s in my purse so I don’t have the latter.

What’s In My Purse? My Pancreas.

Diabetes Carrying Case. Let’s start out with my #1 piece. I consider this my rockstar piece because if I’m ever trying to run out of the house for a quick errand or am going on a walk and don’t need (or want) to take my entire purse I know that this little lady has everything I need in case of a “situation”. Shout out to my friend Carolyn over at Sugar Medical for introducing me to these gems.

 The outside of the bag has two compartments. The one with a window I use for my Dexcom and the other I use for my license and credit cards (if I’m omitting my purse).

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